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Ladybug Outreach

Our Story

  Ladybug Outreach was created in loving memory of Katelyn Marie Wiseman   by her mother, Judy Wiseman Feeney. Originally founded in 2004, the   concept of the foundation was put on hold due to the family’s grief in   losing Katie to an undiagnosed, seven-year illness. In January 2013,  the  focus of the Outreach finally became clear to Judy and Lane,  Katie’s  younger brother: that the family struggles just as much as the   challenged child. Hence, the focus of Ladybug Outreach is to help and   offer support to families of challenged children. Why “Ladybug”?   Ladybugs were a source of great happiness for Katie and the name   “Ladybug Outreach” was created in her memory. Just as ladybugs are   healers for a garden, Ladybug Outreach would like to be a blessing in   your garden of life.



“Life tests us, through our trials we learn strength, and who we become is our testimony.”

Ladybug Outreach is a charity  that was started in 2004 as tribute to the life of 10 year old Katie  Wiseman by her mother Judy Feeney.  Judy and Katie’s brother Lane  decided that Ladybug Outreach would focus on helping challenged children  and their families through the guidance and support of Children’s  Hospital, and a new journey began. In 2014 Ladybug Outreach was awarded  501c3 status, this allows the outreach to bring awareness to these  children and their families from an inside perspective. Many times a  family is in need and has to keep their focus on the challenges the ill  child is facing, all the other needs are just added worry. Ladybug  Outreach focuses on making things just a little bit easier on the needs  of Children’s hospital as well as their families. Life tests us, through  our trials we learn strength, and who we become is our testimony.   Ladybug Outreach believes families sharing their stories can raise  awareness from an inside perspective and helps to make a lasting  difference. 

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              "When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place." ~ C.S. Lewis             

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